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Lady Rahnaara

This painting is one of a series of paintings illustrating a Fantasy Novel titled "Vanguard of Third Sphere". The story is about mortal enemies coming together to protect the life of a magical little girl from being hunted by an Army of demonic hellions who cannot take over the world as long as she lives.

"Lady Rahnaara" is the embodiment of everything a Princess should be...Strong yet gentle, cunning but is extremely forthright and honest with those she trusts. She is very kind to those who are less fortunate and in need of her help. Lady Rahnaara is a Haveen Elf who risked a lot to help protect this special child, including her place among her people. For the Haveen banish all who leave Haveena from ever returning to this hidden city, founded by Elves from various places around Third Sphere, who were being hunted by non-Elf humanoids out of fear for their Godly, regal presence and supernatural connection to The Divine Creators.