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Hell's Envoy

This painting is one of a series of paintings illustrating a Fantasy Novel titled "Vanguard of Third Sphere". The story is about mortal enemies coming together to protect the life of a magical little girl from being hunted by an Army of demonic hellions who cannot take over the world as long as she lives.

"Hell's Envoy" depicts the main villain/antagonist of the story and the dawn of his campaign for world conquest. Eons ago, the Divine Creators formed the world to lock away the dark side of their own essence called The Void. The masked figure riding the fearsome "Pyrodon" is commanding an army of demonic hellions, mostly people afflicted with a ravenous disease called "The Vex". This masked figure is the Void's messenger, hell's envoy...Or commonly known throughout the realm and among the fearful as simply "The Envoy."