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Frost Odyssey

Frost Odyssey
Getting back into logo design/graphic work.
I created this as a personal piece that served as the background art for my logo.
As I worked through the concept while I watched BBCs "Planet Earth", and the idea grew into a game/story.

The story is about "Nanouk" (The male/female name variant of the Inuit word for Polar Bear)...Nanouk is a Mother searching the barren Arctic for food to feed her starving cubs as well as herself. On her journey, she discovers a symbol carved in an enchanted stone deep within an ice cave. This symbol gave Nanouk the key to finding a hidden lush garden kept warm and fertile by a large stone effigy filled with magical life giving powers. Nanouk must embark on a grueling journey braving the unforgiving Arctic land and bone chilling seascape in order to find this garden and save her family, her future, and her home.